Mohamed Zinhom

"In the fluid rhythm of progress, I find resonance with the wisdom of Confucius: 'It doesn't matter how slow the movement is as long as it doesn't stop.'

I am Mohamed Zinhom, a multifaceted professional navigating the digital realm as a catalyst for innovation and growth. As a Web Design and Development Consultant, a connoisseur of UI & UX intricacies, and an Adobe & Apple Training Consultant, I tread the path of expertise.

Certified by Adobe and fortified with specialized web skills, I not only learn but also impart knowledge with fervor. My creed echoes a commitment to perpetual learning and sharing, for as long as I breathe, the pursuit of knowledge persists."

What I Do

E-commerce Plan, Design & Development:

- Strategic Planning: Devise comprehensive strategies tailored to individual businesses for effective E-commerce implementation and growth.
- Design and User Experience: Craft visually appealing and user-friendly E-commerce interfaces, emphasizing intuitive design and seamless user experiences.
- Development Expertise: Proficiently code E-commerce websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and relevant libraries, ensuring responsive and optimized platforms.
- E-commerce Platforms: Expertise in developing E-commerce solutions using platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or custom solutions.
- Payment Integration: Seamlessly integrate secure payment gateways and ensure smooth transaction processes for customers.
- Product Management: Implement robust product management systems, including inventory management and catalog organization.
- Mobile Optimization: Ensure E-commerce sites are optimized for mobile devices, capturing a broader audience and enhancing accessibility.
- Analytics and Optimization: Implement analytics tools and strategies for data-driven insights, enabling continuous optimization of E-commerce performance.

Web Server Services:

Offering comprehensive reservation, technical support, and consultancy services for web servers.
Providing clients with secure and reliable web hosting on high-speed servers, tailored to various web hosting needs.
From shared hosting and distribution to private and dedicated servers, ensuring stability and security for webmasters.

Website Design & Development:

- Strategize and craft web and graphic UI designs for clients, emphasizing UX principles and extensive expertise.
- Proficient in coding webpages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, leveraging diverse libraries and frameworks.
- Expertise in developing websites using PHP and MySQL, either in their native form or employing MVC frameworks like CodeIgniter and Laravel. Proficient across multiple other frameworks.
- Proficient in building websites using CMS and LMS platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Moodle, Magento, etc.
- Provide comprehensive training to clients for effective website administration.

Software Training & Consultancy:

- Develop customized training plans, outlining duration and content for Graphics, Web Design, and Web Development fields.
- Certified Adobe Trainer adept at teaching various Adobe products, ensuring comprehensive skill acquisition.
- Proficient in training on Apple software, including iWork Apps, iLife Apps, and other relevant applications.
- Provide training on programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL, incorporating all updates and associated libraries.
- Offer training on Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, among others.